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Return Policy

According to the rules of the European Union for consumers, you have the right to return the products you bought within 14 calendar days and to request either their replacement (only after consultation with the store), or their return of value. The deadline of 14 days starts from the day of receipt of the products. After the expiration of 14 calendar days from the receipt of the shipment, you lose your right to withdraw.

You always have the right to a minimum 2-year warranty at no charge, whether you bought the product online, in a store or by mail order.

This 2-year warranty is your minimum right. However, the law of your country may give you extra protection.

If products you buy anywhere in the EU turn out to be defective or do not meet the advertised features, the seller will have to repair or replace them for free or reduce the price or refund all the money you paid. As a rule, you can request a full or partial refund only when it is not possible to repair or replace the products. The return process is simple and is done by following these steps:

Contact us via email at, writing your name and your order number, and if you wish to replace or refund your money. Within 1 business day you will receive a reply email with the instructions for returning the product through the ACS courier service.

Return the product in the condition sent by Karrohome, complete, without damage and with the packaging that came with the product, in excellent condition, using the service of the courier company. In case you choose to use any other transport of your choice, you will be fully charged the cost of transport which you will pay to the transport company you choose at the time of sending the parcel. Your package inside should contain a. the product you return b. all the documents that accompanied the product during its shipment (retail receipt, invoice, etc.).

We remind you how:

In no case can a product that is not in its original condition be accepted. The product must not have been washed, must have all its labels and its packaging must not have been damaged. Sleeping products such as pillows and blankets can not be accepted due to hygiene, once they have come out of their packaging.


In all cases in which, with proven fault of, the products delivered to you were other or substantially different from the ones you ordered. This error can be due either to the incorrect registration of the order by the sales department, or to an error in the warehouse during the packaging of your order, and we apologize in advance for this. In this case, all the costs of returning the wrong product and sending the right one, are borne entirely by and the procedures take absolute priority, for your immediate service.


In the event that any of the technical characteristics or features of the product you received do not substantially agree with what is listed on our site about the product, you have the option to return this product. In this case, all the costs of returning the wrong product and sending the right one, are borne entirely by and the procedures take absolute priority, for your immediate service.


You have the right to withdraw from your original purchase and return the product, and either buy another or others of the same price, or higher upon payment of the price difference, or return the value of the product. In this case, according to article 5 par.10 of law 2251/1994, the product must not have been used and must be sealed in its original packaging. The return costs are charged to the company only when the mistake is its own or due to a defective product. In any other case the costs are borne by the customer. It is noted that cases where the returned product is not in its original condition can not be returned. If for special reasons the return of such a case is accepted then the company reserves the right to pay part of the price which will be determined for the specific case and after checking the condition of the product in our distribution center.


All our products are checked by the staff of our company before they are sent to you. However in case the product proves to be defective, then you can proceed as follows.

Replacement with the same new product.

Replacement with another new product of the same monetary value.

Refund your money.

Also in case the product proves to be defective you should contact us immediately and send the parcel by ACS courier. Shipping costs are borne by our company.

Money return

In case you do not wish to be replaced with a new product, the refund process takes place within 10 days from the date of receipt of the return at our headquarters.

Refunds are made by deposit in the customer's bank account.

Necessary condition for the customer to inform via email to about his account number (IBAN), the bank in which he maintains the account and the name of the beneficiary as it is written in the booklet.

To make a change with another product through our online store, please contact the store by phone or e-mail and we will contact you to serve you directly.

In any case you can make your change in the Karrohome store with the product and the purchase receipt, we will be happy to serve you up close.

The address to which the products must be sent for return to the e-shop is:


Address: 85 Belogianni, Nikaia

Contact telephone .: 2104933183

Email address: